You can’t be what you can’t see: Promoting Women in CyberSecurity

Amina Aggarwal (Spark)

The speaker believes that many women give up their career aspirations before entering the cyber security field as there is a lack of female role models. The speaker is a podcast host, mentor, board member and a security professional. She shares the challenges and successes that women face in their career in technology on her podcast. Her research through various episodes on her podcast shows that women feel that cyber security needs more role models, more advocates for women and the recruiters need to look at the job descriptions and address the diversity rather than qualifications. During this talk she aims to share her perspectives on how we can promote more women in the industry and will share various initiatives that she is currently working on for the advancement of women in technology. This talk is sure to inspire you and motivate you to be an ally and support women to enter the technology workforce.

About Amina

Amina has a broad range of experience that is more than 10 years in Information Technology. She is currently working as a Security Design Consultant at Spark for the largest ISP in New Zealand and provides cyber security advise to Spark’s internal and external customers. She is the Winner of 2021 Women in Security Awards NZ (Analyst category) awarded by DEFSEC (Defence Security New Zealand) magazine, People’s choice Ally of the Year Award Finalist 2022 and many more.

Amina has been involved with the New Zealand Network for Women in Security (NZNWS) as a Board Member since 2020. She has committed to giving her time to Cybersecurity events globally. She aims to empower women by exemplifying that if she can do it anyone can do it.