Defeating your cyber technology with bad business processes

Andrew Hood

As more money gets poured into cyber technology protections, businesses often overlook their internal processes, some of which seem custom designed to destroy all the good work of the cyber team. In this talk, using some real stories I have dealt with, I will shed light on examples that ruin your cyber training programmes, lose data (and customers) and make the business hate the cyber team but more importantly, how to make sure you don’t let that happen. So sit back, relax and try to forget just how much damage a simple, well intentioned business process can make - I am sure that would never happen in your workplace.

About Andrew

Having started out working in the early 90’s internet at a large UK Telco research facility, Andrew worked with some of the brightest minds in the networking world. However, he quickly realised that he was not one of those bright minds and therefore moved into management. Having worked all over the world doing just about every job in network management and security, including watching a data centre burn to the ground, he ended up with the NZ government, where he now tries to stop them repeatedly making the same mistakes in cyber policy and defence. He feels this gives him job security for quite some time.