You didn’t come this far to only come this far

Carolyn Rohm (CarolynRohm)

Ever have that feeling that you can see their mouth moving, you can hear the words; and that, although the words make sense individually, strung together it’s gibberish?

Or perhaps, that sinking feeling, when you’re trying to explain something technical, and you can see they just don’t care?

Maybe you’re frustrated because although you’ve made it clear you’d like to advance your career; you’re not getting feedback or making progress.

Carolyn talks about some of her experiences and offers only a slightly tongue-in-cheek guide to surviving people who think ‘funny’.

About Carolyn

Having held a variety of analytical and leadership roles in the academic and corporate world, across multiple industries and geographies, Carolyn’s initial focus was delivering quality and robust analytics. Over time it became clear that there is so much more to delivering these results and driving meaningful change than just great technical skills.

Carolyn has spent the past 25 years developing and honing not only her technical skills; but also her non-technical skills.

Recognising the gap in some Tech Specialist’s skillsets, Carolyn provides coaching to frustrated technical SMEs, helping them level up and take on new challenges.

Carolyn’s first book, “It’s a Risky Business”, is due to be published in mid-November 2022.