Breaking Into Infosec

Dave Reeves (Aura Information Security)

Working in Infosec is a fascinating and rewarding career like no other. However, despite news stating there is a shortage of skills in the industry, competition is high and gaining the skills and experience to succeed is challenging. This talk covers not only technical demonstrations which explore penetration testing, but questions the idea of red-teaming altogether. Follow along Dave’s global journey about breaking into the infosec industry, with insights from taking down Russian criminals with the RIPE NCC, chasing a security internship at Google, and the countless challenges and considerations before finally landing a job as a Security Consultant.

About Dave

Dave Reeves works as a penetration tester at Aura Information Security, based out of Wellington, NZ. He has used computers from an early age, has professional experience in industrial systems and robotics, knowledge in software engineering, cloud, machine learning, digital forensics, and has studied Mandarin Chinese for more than 10 years.